Lauta Open Air

Lauta Open Air

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Another event in support of the candidacy for the city of Plovdiv as European Capital of Culture in 2019. Lauta OPEN AIR is an all-day art music event, which will take place on July 26. It is divided into two parts: art and music. The first starts at 10:00 and the second at 20:30.

The art part consists of workshops, handmade bazaar, walking on a tightrope, body art for children, a show with bubbles and „aylyak“ hammock area. Gergana Miteva and Adrian Ivanov will present an exhibition andan art installation. A partner of the event is „Gender Alternatives“ that organizes a lecture with Rada Elenkova on important social topics. The admission is free.

The musical part will present  Anton aka Kefilev Kefi, Helios a.k.a. DJ x2085, DJ Chavos, POPED! and Pikebass. The admission is 5lv.

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