Zahari Georgiev

Zahari Georgiev

[cml_media_alt id='3592']Zahari 03[/cml_media_alt]Zahari Georgiev is one of the hopes of Bulgarian sport. His comely face and brought his behavior should not confuse you – the guy is a machine! He is studying at the Sports School „Vasil Levski“ in Plovdiv, which is the oldest school for sports in Bulgaria (founded in 1949). And because weightlifting is not a popular a sport, we asked him about the basics.

You come from a „noble family“, your father Zahari Georgiev Todorov is an awarded weightlifter. Was he your inspiration or did he made you choose weightlifting? 
I had a strong desire for the sport. Of course, I started with the help of my father.

And if you weren’t a weightlifter, which other sport would you choose?
I would love to be a swimmer.

What do you need to explain mostly, when you say you’re a weightlifter?
I need to explain what got me, how I got started, and why I do it. And the most common question is whether or not I will stay short.

[cml_media_alt id='3596']Zahari 02[/cml_media_alt]Is there money in the whole thing?
Money… only in the national team for men and women, but there isn’t much there either.

Well, why would a guy deal with something that does not earn him money?
When there is a thing that you’re dedicated to, you do not do it for money. I do it for pleasure. This sport makes me complete.

Why do you think less people are interested and don’t even become fans of your sport?
Few people are interested because firstly – there is no money in it, secondly – the conditions are critical and thirdly – Bulgarian media does not pay attention to weightlifting.

Zachary is currently preparing for the XXXII Summer Olympic Games, which will be held in Japan in 2020. Fingers crossed. Yes – from now!

Photos: Yorgos Papadopoulos